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Thomas Bird shoes combine classic English style with Italian finesse and quality craftsmanship. From lace up formal brogues to iguana print loafers and stunning whole cut Oxfords.

Mens Boots

Chelsea Boots  Chukka Boots  Jodhpur Zip Boots

Boots can be very versatile, worn casually or formally with a suit. Thomas Bird offers a range of high quality Italian made mens boots including Chelsea Boots, Chukka and Jodhpur Zip Boots. These combine classic English styling with Italian elegance and clean lines.  Black and brown are classic choices, but suede, snakeskin and other colours such as blue can make a real statement.  There is a choice of stitched soles including leather with a rubber insert for durability, to a heavier duty commando type rubber sole.

About Thomas Bird

Beautiful quality, affordable prices

The Thomas Bird story really started over 30 years ago when my father began working with major footwear brands, helping them import shoes from Italy.  He formed the initial contacts with many small, 'artisan' factories and learned about the skills and strengths of each.

In 2004, we set up our first website to sell a range of branded footwear online.   This went well and we were then hired by a well known English heritage shoe maker to build them a new website to sell worldwide.

Although fans of high end English shoes, we were looking for something more.  We had always loved the flair, elegance and refinement of high end Italian shoes.   Available in Knightsbridge at £300+ they were out of the price range of most shoe lovers.   Especially as you need several pairs, depending on the mood and occassion.

So in 2013, we decided to combine our experience to launch Thomas Bird. Working directly with Italian artisan makers and offering beautifully made Italian shoes at affordable prices.

The first range was designed and produced in 2014.  The styles have been well received and have been sold around the world, including USA, Europe and the Far East.

If you would like to know more, please contact us.

Thomas Bird


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